Your Simple Guide to Veils!


For the entire month of November we will be hosting a veil trunk show for one of our favourite designers, Toni Federici! For this exciting event we wanted to put together a summary of how to find your perfect veil. 


A veil is that perfect accessory that truly makes everyone feel like a bride. Whether you're going for a timeless, classic look or are more drawn to boho with a modern edge, there's a style out there for you. Veils can help you elevate your whole bridal look and are an amazing feature in the photographs that you will treasure for years to come. 

With so many options to choose from we know it might be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Do you want a tiered veil? A blusher? Plain edge? Embellishment? What length? Wait, what's a blusher?! But don't worry, we've broken down the styles, lengths and ordering information to help you all find the one. The main thing to remember though is that there's no specific veil for each kind of dress, they all compliment and highlight your features in their own way. Just be sure to show off your personal style, whatever that may be. 

Veil Lengths

The first step for most brides is usually finding the preferred length of veil. It's good to play around, but most veils can actually be customized to any length, and where the veil actually falls will depend on your height and where you place it on your head. 

Flyaway/Shoulder length 

These usually have lots of volume and are great for showing off the back of a gown, sitting just on the shoulders.  


This should sit at the natural waist, and are great for accentuating an hour glass silhouette. 


One of the most popular styles as it's so versatile! You can keep it on all night and it looks amazing with all styles. 


These tend to fall between the knee and the ankle, and frame the whole body. 


Chapel length veils either fall to the flooror a little into the train. They look amazing in flyaway-veil photographs and are a little easier to maneuver than the longer, cathedral style. 


These are all about the drama! They tend to go past the length of the train, and typically range from  96" - 132". 


Fit for a Princess!This is for the bride who wants to make a statement and has a gorgeous long aisle to walk down and show it off. The Duchess, Meghan Markle, is the perfect most recent example. 


Veil Styles 

 You've found your ideal length, now it's time to find the perfect style of veil. Here are a few popular ones to look out for: 


This is designed to frame the face and is typically associated with retro-inspired looks. It's usually made with a netting rather than the typical fine tulle and is oh so glamorous. 


Although this can be worn alone, this is usually added to a veil to wear over the face whilst walking down the aisle, and can range in lengths. It can also be worn behind the shoulders to add more volume and dimension to a look. 


This Spanish- style veil is usually shown with lace surrounding the entire edge of a circular veil, to softly frame the face and gown. Classic and romantic. 


Some veils can also have multiple layers to add lots of volume! Each layer can either be embellished or plain cut tulle, usually being up to 4 layers. We love this for a touch of fun.

Juliet Cap

This is so on trend right now! A Juliet is when a beaded or lace trimmed veil is pinned back behind the ears to create a cap. It can be styled with either a vintage or bohemian look in mind.


As with bridal gowns, designers are experimenting more and more with veil design, creating unique shapes, applying statement embellishments and using more varied fabrics. 3D floral or star shaped appliques, ombre colouring, embroidered writing and heavily scattered pearls are some of our favourite looks.



Now that you've found your perfect style, it's time to choose a shade that's complimentary to your gown. The colour of the veil can take away or add to your gown so it's important to choose the right one. For example, as there are so many shades of white and ivory, you may not want to assume that you get an ivory veil for an ivory dress. But don't worry, our consultants are here on hand to help! 

Veils are made to order from our designers, so they can typically take anywhere up to 4 months to arrive in store! Book your accessory appointment with us and we can help guide you through this exciting process! No matter your style, there's a veil out there for you. 



Veils shown in the images are by Toni Federici, Twigs & Honey and Sara Gabriel.