Bridal Consultant 

Who is your favourite designer and why?

My favourite designer is Dany Tabet! His designs are perfect for the modern bride who craves something sexy with a unique high fashion look. In a Dany Tabet dress it's almost impossible not to feel like the most beautiful bride in the world!

What is your favourite, local, Edmonton business?

I've always had a soft spot for Edmonton's local fashion scene, including my favourite vintage shop, SWISH! From genuine vintage Chanel suits to quirky, eccentric jewellery, this shop has my heart. Best vintage fashion in the city, hands down! P.S. Make sure you check out their secret hat room in the back. 

What is your favourite place to eat in Edmonton and why?

My favourite thing to do in Edmonton is eat, and I swear the best vegan food is here int he city. My favourite spot to indulge in is definitely Padmanadi! You have to try the curry "mutton"- it's literally to die for. 

Describe your perfect wedding.

Getting on a plane with my closest family and friends, and hosting a small ceremony on a remote island in the middle of the Mediterranean. That would be an absolute dream come true. Nothing is more romantic than a beautiful sunset overlooking the ocean. 

What advice would you give to a bride shopping for her wedding dress?

My only advice I can give a bride looking for her dress is to follow her heart and trust her gut. Believe in your intuition and that special "this is it" moment will come- I promise. Together we can find the dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful and confident version of yourself. 













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