2015 Wedding Dress Trend - Breathtaking Back Details

07/14/15 NEWS

This season our brides are asking for unique back details, and Novelle Bridal Shop has just what they want! Whether you saw it on your friends Pinterest board, or while flipping through this months BRIDES magazine, or even during your morning scroll of Style Me Pretty, we are oohing and ahhing just as much as you are. We have watched as this trend has taken off over the past couple of months, but we anticipate seeing more of these gorgeous styles at the up and coming Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week in New York City, this April.

Stay Tuned!

Style: Nina By Nicole Miller

This stunning sleek dress, is for the polished yet sexy bride. Its back detail is a beautifully draped low cowl back, with a soft lace insert leaving your back completely exposed.

This dress is perfect for the bride that wants to dance the night away at her wedding.

  • Venue type: Matrix Hotel, Enjoy Centre, destination
  • Perfect accessory: A long pearl or crystal back necklace
***Ladies be warned, this dress doesn’t look like much on the hanger. Believe your consultant when she says, “Put this dress on, and you will feel like the sexiest most feminine woman in the world!” Seriously, Nicole Miller is all about the construction of her dresses. She knows the female body, and designs her gowns to accentuate a woman’s curves. In the Nina, you’ll be lookin’ va-va-voom on your wedding day!

Style: 9162 by Allure

For the girl who spent her childhood years trying on her mother’s dresses, and stumbling around in her heels dreaming about one day finding her prince charming, (let’s be honest, in our minds we were wearing ball gowns and glass slippers). You are now a woman, and have found the man of your dreams, so it’s time to find the dress. Look no further! This princess ball gown is perfect for your fairytale wedding. Its back is sheer with a stunning embroidered crystal design. There are also lace details at the collar and at the waist. If it wasn’t enough already, this gown has buttons that run from top to bottom of the dress. And of course, it wouldn’t be an Allure gown without their signature crystal at every 4th button.

  • Venue type: The Basilica, The Hotel Macdonald, Banff Springs Hotel, Castle
  • Perfect Accessory: Crystal chandelier earrings and crystal cuff, no necklace needed here
  • Hair tip: Wear your hair up with loosely pinned curls to showcase that gorgeous back of yours

*** Hopefully you enjoy hearing birds chirping, because when you put this dress on the birds are sure to be singing!

Style: Viena by Watters

Are you a Sex and the City girl, who can appreciate a real work of art when it comes to fashion? We all loved Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood gown, but what about a dress for the women who want something fitted, but still don’t want to sacrifice all the poof?

Modern, classy, vintage, and elegantly sexy, this dress seriously has it all. It’s both contemporary in its silhouette yet made vintage by its antique lace bodice and metallic beaded appliques. The back detail of this dress is a dramatically low illusion. The two lace straps add texture and accentuate how low the back goes. Of course this dress is absolutely amazing from the front, but when your man sees you from behind, his jaw will literally drop, along with everyone else’s at the wedding.

***Practice your “I look amazing casually looking back” pose in this dress, because believe me when I say, you’ll be taking A LOT of back selfies.

Being that this dress embodies so many different unique elements, it is versatile in its venue options.

  • Venue: Art Gallery, New York Library
  • Perfect accessories: Make this Gatsby themed by adding a thick sparkly headband worn on across the forehead
  • Hair tip: Classic finger waves
  • Venue: Forest
  • Accessories: Twigs & Honey crystal and beaded hair vine
  • Hair tip: Loose curls pulled to one side