Express Your Individuality

10/07/15 NEWS

Take it from your everyday to your wedding day. Transform a classic bridal look with the accessories that speaks your personality. After all, today’s bride is as fashion forward, trendsetting and stylish as ever; your jewelry should be too.
Some hot trends we are seeing this season are brooches, cuffs, statement earrings and headbands!
Brooches are versatile and can be use as keepsake or be worn again after your wedding day. You can use the brooch to singe a sash, incorporate it in your hairstyle or simply be dazzled your dress.
Make a statement with just one piece. A cuff bracelet is bold enough to stand on its own. Choose either one very wide bracelet, or customize the look by layering and stacking two or three bangles. Whichever you decide, the effect will be red carpet ready.
Statement earrings can add shimmer and glamour to your look. From chandelier earrings to oversized studs, these pieces can draw attention to the face and not overpower you or your beautiful dress.
Headbands are my absolute favorites of the seaseon and one of the most popular bridal looks this year. This is the perfect chance to add more sparkle to your outfit and works great with any hair styles.