Monique Lhuillier Separates for Bridesmaids!

11/05/15 NEWS

Separates are the hottest thing in bridal this season, and why shouldn’t they be?  We know that your girls have different needs, personalities, styles, and body shapes and these are factors to consider when choosing a dress for each of your bridesmaids. The ability to mix and match is an amazing (and easy!) way to make all your bridesmaids happy on your wedding day.

Finding the perfect wedding gown is a magical experience and finding the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids should be just as fun!  Our beautiful Monique Lhuillier bridesmaids collection features tops and skirts that can be combined in 16 unique ways.

We have come up with three bridesmaids and two different looks for each of them. Keep in mind, these dresses are shown in our sample colours. The Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids collection can provide you with an array of different colours and fabrics. There are options to have your girls uniform in one colour, or in a mixture of different shades.

The Girly Girl 

This look is for your bridesmaid who loves all things frilly and flowy!  She flourishes in gorgeous gowns (especially those with poof!) and anything she can wear those perfect pumps with. Sparkle is a definite bonus. You can count on this bridesmaid to be all smiles when she hits the dance floor with her choreographed Spice Girls routine and looking totally fabulous!

Get this look: Dress: 450314, Skirt: 450240

Get this look: Top: 450253, Skirt: 450318

The Fashionista 

This bridesmaid is your go to for what’s in this season. She’s your friend that you trust the most when it comes to style. She gave it to you straight while you were picking out your dress and made sure you found the dress of your dreams while still being on trend. Now it’s her turn to pick out her dress for your wedding. She’s obsessed over this season’s crop tops (because she’s been anxiously waiting for this style to hit the shops) and will experiment with different skirt lengths.  Being able to choose a look that will show off her individual style will win her over!  

Get this look: Top - 450254, Skirt - 450324

Get this look: Top - 450317, Skirt - 450320

The Girl Who Loves Comfort

It’s all about comfort and practicality with this bridesmaid.  She will love the concept of having a mix and match set that she will actually be able to wear again and pair with other pieces she already has in her closet. If she isn’t totally comfortable in a strapless, there are options for her to pick from where she won’t have to find a special bra to wear with it. This bridesmaid is your friend that will stay by your side until the lights turn on at the end of the night. She’s danced the night away in her flats and isn’t dying to take her shoes off or rip her dress off - she’s totally comfortable and ready to take on anything!

Get this look: Dress - 450308, Skirt - 450318

Get this look: Top - 450252, Skirt - 450324

Dressing different body types and personalities no longer has to stress a bride out!  No matter what the criteria is, there will be something for everyone in your bridal party.