BOOMBA has landed at Novelle!

10/18/23 BLOG NEWS

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce BOOMBA, a line of adhesive inserts and tapes now available in-store and online!

BOOMBA is a complete game-changer with its patented double-sided adhesive design that sticks to both your skin and garment, ensuring everything stays put and eliminating any worries of slipping or readjustment on your big day. Finally, a product that requires no sewing—just stick and go!

These inserts are made with soft, hypoallergenic materials and are also water and sweat-resistant, making them perfect for any occasion.

Even better, these inserts are reusable up to 40 times!



BOOMBA Inserts

BOOMBA Novelle Bridal Vancouver Edmonton


Using the Boomba Bra is a breeze! Start by selecting the appropriate size that matches your cup preference. Peel off the protective backing to reveal the adhesive side and carefully position the insert within your garment, ensuring it comfortably covers and enhances your natural curves. Gently press and adjust to achieve your desired fit. 

After use, simply detach the inserts from your garment and hand wash them with mild soap and warm water. Gently pat them dry and reattach to your protective film once they're completely dry.


BOOMBA Reuseable Body Tape

Boomba body tape Novelle Bridal Vancouver Edmonton

BOOMBA Body Tape is reusable up to 5 times! It offers versatile cleavage and lift without requiring a traditional bra, suitable for both small and large busts. The adhesive is strong for a secure, all-day hold while being gentle for pain-free removal. 


BOOMBA Magie Nipper Covers

BOOMBA magic seamless silicone nipple covers washable reusable Novelle Bridal Vancouver Edmonton

Designed to provide discreet coverage and support, these nipple covers are perfect for enhancing your natural silhouette while wearing backless, strapless, or sheer garments. With a soft, hypoallergenic adhesive, they securely stay in place, offering a seamless and natural look.

Samples are available in store to view in person. Get aisle ready with Boomba!