Your Bridal Timeline- Simplified!


It is one of our busiest times of the year here at Novelle, and we're so excited to meet all of our future Novelle brides! 

But why is this our busiest time for consultations? We understand that wedding planning can be daunting, no matter how exciting, so we've put together a bridal timeline to help you plan your DREAM wedding. 


After your most perfect proposal, it's time to start thinking of where you dream of saying "I do". Do you want to elope? Have an intimate family wedding? Or is the idea of not having ALL of your family and friends join you on your big day something you cannot imagine so 100 guests has now turned into 300? This may affect when and where you celebrate....


Next.....FINDING YOUR DRESS! And don't worry, your venue doesn't have to be locked down, just have some idea of when you'd like to share your vows. Whether you decide to have sand under your feet or walk down a traditional aisle, if it's your dress it's your dress! But how long does it take to find and order your gown? 


The ideal time is at least *9 MONTHS* .


As a general rule, most gowns are made to order and can typically take about 6 months to arrive in store. You then want to allow your self time for alterations, which can take about 10-12 weeks. 

There are exceptions to this however as some designers may offer a "rush" option for an extra cost, or some may even carry stock pieces, but these would be limited to certain sizes and styles. The best thing to do is to start early, but most importantly, shop when you're ready to say yes. Shopping for extensive periods of time can be more confusing than fun. You want to be able to treasure this memory forever and we're here to make this as stress-free and enjoyable as possible! 


Now that you've found you perfect wedding dress, it's time to complete your bridal party look.....BRIDESMAIDS.

You want to be looking at least *5-6 MONTHS* prior to your wedding date. 

Due to the huge selection of styles and colours, bridesmaid gowns are also made to order and can take up to 4 months to arrive in store. Depending on how many people are in your bridal party it also may not be easy to bring everybody together at the same time to shop and find the perfect dresses, so it's best to start early! 


3- 4 months before the wedding.....


Okay, so you've found your dress that you can't wait to wear and your bridesmaids gowns are on their way, but I bet your accessories were an afterthought, right?

This is a common thought but it shouldn't be! They complete your whole bridal look on your big day and can turn beautiful into absolutely BREATHTAKING. They're going to be in all of your photos so you want to give them adequate thought. 


The first thing to do is to see if there are any important pieces, such as family heirlooms, that you want to wear (could be your "something old" or "something borrowed"!). Next, have a think if you want to wear a veil, a statement hair piece, or both! Veils can take up to 15 weeks to arrive depending on the amount of detail they have as once again they are made to order for each bride. The great part about this is that you can customize the length, the colour and the design of each veil to make it perfect for you.

Also, although the majority of jewelry may be in stock, some designers can also customize pieces for each bride, such as picking a stone colour, changing the metal to silver or gold, or creating a totally unique piece! So these can take just as long as the veils. 

 *3 months to go*

It's now 3 months before and you've found your accessories and are about to start your alterations, so you want to have found your SHOES as well, so that your seamstress can make sure the hem of the dress is perfect for you! Our Rachel Simpson shoes are perfect for the modern bride with a romantic, vintage twist- not to mention they are made of incredibly comfortable Spanish leather and can be worn time and time again. Or maybe you can save them for your anniversary each year? If this all seams a little overwhelming book one of our private accessory appointments and have one of our bridal stylists help bring your vision together!


So you're all set! We hope this helped making this process a little easier for you ladies. Feel free to contact the store anytime to book these appointments or ask any further questions!


Happy shopping ladies!