Sarah Seven Bridal Collection in Edmonton & Vancouver

09/09/23 BLOG NEWS
Novelle Bridal Vancouver Edmonton Sarah Seven

We can't contain our excitement any longer; the wait is finally over! We are absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest designer, who will be available at our Edmonton and Vancouver locations.



Presenting:SARAH SEVEN

An esteemed bridal designer, seamlessly blending innovation with enduring elegance, stands out in the world of bridal fashion. Her unparalleled dedication to perfecting gown structures, her use of opulent fabrics, and her remarkable ability to encapsulate the very essence of romance elevate every Sarah Seven Bride to her finest self.

Introducing her latest collection "Pop Star", Sarah Seven showcases impeccable tailoring and intricate drapery, meticulously crafted to complement a diverse range of body types. With an unwavering commitment to precision, she sculpts dresses that fit like a dream, ensuring that each bride experiences unparalleled comfort and radiates confidence on her special day. These gowns not only enhance their aesthetic appeal but also accentuate the bride's innate beauty, embodying the perfect union of form and function.

Novelle Bridal Vancouver Edmonton Sarah Seven Pop Star

Sarah Seven's designs radiate a sense of timelessness while embraces contemporary trends. Her gowns possess a classic charms that transcends fleeting fashion fads. This blend of old world grace and modern chic ensures that her creations remain relevant and stunning for years to come. Brides who wear a Sarah Seven gown can expect to look back on their wedding photos with a sense of enduring beauty.Novelle Bridal Vancouver Edmonton Sarah Seven Bronte Daphne Rhea

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