The Wedding Perfume

Coulombe Perfume

We are very proud to announce that we now carry Coulombe Perfume in store here at Novelle Bridal Shop, Edmonton. A scent created by one of our brides, it is designed to trigger those beautiful memories of love and joy from your wedding day that photographs simply cannot capture. Inspired by lush and charming rose gardens, the allure of France and elegant women like you, this beautiful perfume was compounded in France and made in Canada; the perfect gift for the blushing bride. The idea of using a new scent on your wedding day was so inspiring to us as every time you smell it you will be whisked away once again to that magical day for years to come. We asked Savanna, the amazing woman behind the perfume, to share her story and her experience shopping for her gown with us:

"My sweet husband and I have been together since we were in junior high school. From basketball and volleyball teams to hanging with our friends, first cars, first jobs, graduation and so much more. We experienced so much together and while it feels like a lifetime ago, it also feels like it was only yesterday that we were walking hand in hand down the hallways! 

I came to Novelle Bridal with my sister and my mum knowing the exact dress I was looking for. It had a low back, lacey straps, and a fuller skirt which at the time, suited my personality so well. Being a younger bride (we married when I was 20!) I adored the soft, romantic style for our wedding under the sun in Summerlin, Nevada. 

Novelle is a boutique with elegance and charm and the sweetest ladies there to help you find a dress that makes you not only feel beautiful but really make you happy. Dress shopping is such a joyful experience for brides (hopefully!) and when you find a boutique that cares about you and wants to see you smile - that's one special memory. 

We will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary this September and our 12th anniversary together from that first googly-eyed grin in grade 8. What a beautiful life it is!

 It is such a pleasure to share The Wedding Perfume with brides that are experiencing Novelle Bridal just as I did. I couldn't be happier to have this connection to such a charming bridal boutique and the kind women that work there."