Pro Tips for Flawless Wedding Dress Shopping

10/23/19 FAQ NEWS

Congratulations, you're engaged!! We are so excited for you to now find your dream dress, but I'm sure it can feel a little overwhelming at the beginning, right? What style do I want? Do I want sleeves? Who do I bring? Where do I shop?! But don't worry, we've put together some tips and tricks to help make your wedding dress shopping experience absolutely flawless and even your most favourite part of your wedding planning to-do list!

First and foremost- start early! 

We recommend shopping about 8-12 months before your wedding date. This takes away all the stress of rush fees and shipping times, but you still get to see all of the latest styles. It's also great to check off something this important early on as knowing how you're going to look on your wedding day will help bring to your whole vision together. But most importantly, shop when you're ready to say YES. 


It's so daunting heading into a sea of lace and tulle if you haven't looked into wedding dress styles at all. Think of the feel of your wedding and your personal style and look at the boutiques in your local area to see if they carry the look you're envisioning. If you want a big, sparkly ballgown and the bridal store doesn't carry them, it will only be disheartening. 

Do I need an appointment?

Here at Novelle Bridal, if we are able to accommodate walk ins we are more than happy to do so! However, it is common for us to get fully booked, especially on weekends and evenings, so to avoid disappointment please book in advance! We have four beautiful private rooms for our brides and their guests so your own personal stylist can give you their undivided attention and help you find your perfect gown!

Who should I bring to my appointment?

Bring who's most important to you and try to limit your number of guests. Too many people can mean too many opinions, which may be confusing and discouraging. Remember, everybody has their own personal sense of style and vision for you on your wedding day! Bring those who you completely trust and are ready to celebrate you! And don't be afraid to come solo if you prefer. Our consultants are here to help and be an objective opinion- we love our one on one appointments with our brides.  

Wear the correct under-garments!

Getting in and out of multiple wedding dresses can be a daunting prospect! We recommend investing in some nude, seamless underwear or a great pair of spanx to bring to your appointment so you're not distracted by any underwear lines or colour shadows through the sheer fabrics. We also recommend not wearing a bra when trying on, as our gowns can have cups built right into them!  A pair of nipple covers may be handy however.Don't have any? We sell the NudWear Daisies here in store for your convenience. 

What if I'm not "sample size"? How can I know if I like the dress? 

Our samples in store are mostly bridal 8-12, and we also have a selection of curvy couture gowns in sizes 16-22. To help each of our brides envision their dress, we use a combination of clips, panels and pins to help show you how it will look when it fits like a glove! 

Set a budget.

Please don't just try on 'for style' if it's out of your price range. There's nothing more disheartening than seeing a bride try on a dress that is ultimately more than she can spend and she falls in love with it. Although you think you can try and find a version that isn't as expensive, there's no comparing the luxury of the fabric, fit and style and it just puts a dampener on your whole experience. 

Don't "over shop" 

In the world of Pinterest and Instagram, it's easy to shop and shop and shop, but there's a few problems that arise with this. First of all, if you let Instagram dictate your dress choices too much and you spend your time trying to find them all in person, you may stray further and further away from your own personal style as you're letting the designers choose your look for you. Your wedding dress is the most personal garment you'll ever wear- let YOUR personality and style shine through!

Secondly, it gets incredibly tiring and overwhelming for both you and your guests, and ultimately you just want it to end. It's all too common that we see brides who have tried on so many looks that they find it impossible to narrow it down, which is quite frustrating for them and not at all enjoyable. Do your research beforehand and book only one or two places- it will be a much happier experience!

Don't be afraid to say YES to the first dress you love.

You'd be surprised how many brides find their dress in their first appointment! If you love everything about it, and can envision yourself walking down the aisle seeing your Fiance's beaming smile, don't feel like you have to keep shopping just because you have other appointments booked or it seems "too easy". You'll only find yourself trying to recreate that same dress, or find another one you love just as much and are now torn and can't make a decision that was originally so easy. Why spend time trying to beat something that's perfect when you could be celebrating by drinking mimosa's with your tribe?

And furthermore, don't expect a "reaction".

We see so many brides that feel lost or disappointed because they haven't had an overwhelming feeling the moment they put on THE dress. They feel like they should instantly cry or just know that very second. We find that most of the time this isn't the case. It's a built up feeling and most of the time you don't get it until you officially say yes or even when you put it on on your wedding day. 

We hope this helps you have the most amazing experience and  memories of finding your dream wedding dress! We can't wait to meet you!

Have any further questions? We would love to hear from you! Call or email the store on 780 761 0888/