What you NEED to know about sticky bras for your wedding day!


Does the wedding dress of your dreams feature a daringly low back but you’re just not sure how to wear it without a bra? We’ll let you in on a little secret… don’t! We offer adhesive bras that are the best of the best and perfect for your low backed dress here at Novelle Bridal Shop in Edmonton.

Nudwear adhesive bras will be all the support you need on your big day, if you know what we mean. Our consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect Nudwear adhesive bra during a consultation but we thought we’d give you a quick run down! Read on to discover a few rules (and secrets) that you need to know about adhesive bras for your wedding day!


Rule 1 Your wedding day is a day for love… not lotions! Skip the lotions today. You’re skin needs to be clean and dry for affective adhesion! You don’t want your adhesive bra falling off mid “I do.”

Rule 2 Undo the middle clasp and push the cups outward so they’re inside out. This way the cups will go on more smoothly to your skin and you will avoid any air bubbles!

Rule 3 Cups go on one at a time. We know you’ll be excited to get into your dress but we promise that taking a little extra time placing the cups on separately will avoid any unwanted cup sliding. After placing both cups on, fasten the clasp in the middle.

Rule 4 Removal… Maybe share this rule with your fiancé too. Undo the clasp in the middle and peel the cups off slowly. This will keep the adhesion intact so you can wear it on your honeymoon!

Rule 5 Keep the cups clean! After a night full of celebrating and dancing you will want to give the cups a quick cleaning! Nudwear suggests using a mild soap and letting the adhesive bra air-dry after!

Now you’re all set! However, we do have a few little secrets to share if you want to make the most of your adhesive bra.

Secret 1

Hoping for sexy bridal cleavage? Then place the cups a little further apart so when you fasten the middle clasp, the girls are pushed closer together!

Secret 2

Really want to make your fiancé’s jaw drop? By simply placing the cups downward, you’ll get that va-va-voom push up effect. Today is your day to shine. If you want to take that shine to the next level… that’s how.

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