Ashlen & Drew

06/08/18 EVENTS NEWS

After meeting on a patio in Whistler, Ashlen and Drew became instant friends. Years later, Drew proposed in that exact same spot and reminsced on all the memories they have already created together, as they start their next adventure. We asked Ashlen to share their story, their beautiful desintation wedding in Mexico, and her unique shopping experience. 

"Almost 9 years ago, a young 16 year old girl walks onto a patio at a local restaurant to meet a friend, and meets her future husband. It started as just friends, even though we both knew we had a crush one another. Summer turned into fall as we decided to tell each other how we really felt...and that's where our story starts. 

When my husband proposed he suprised me on that very same patio in the exact seats we met in all those years ago, with a photo album of all of our adventures! In those years we have travelled the world, got married and have a new puppy in our lives!

Every girl has a Pinterest board filled with wedding ideas, even if they're far from getting married haha! I saw the Frankie by Made With Love and had re-pinned it at least 10 times so I knew I would have to find it one day. The day came where I got engaged so I went on the hunt to find this amazing dress, which happened to be in Edmonton where my sister had just moved to. I had already planned a trip to see my sister and said, what the heck! I may as well set up an appointment and see if I like it. 

Jessica greeted my sister and I and said to have a look around and see what I may like, and without knowing the first dress I touched was the Frankie! I only tried on maybe 4 dresses and knew the second I put this on it was my dress. It was everything I have ever dreamed of. 

We have always had a love for Mexico and have travelled there every year since being together so we knew we had to have a destination wedding! We spent the morning of our wedding together relaxing by the pool, getting some last minute sun and relaxation, and then parted ways. As soon as I put on my dress I instantly started to tear up! It was all happening. I have waited for this day for eight and a half years, I'm marrying the love of my life. I walked down to the garden where I did my first look with my dad, and then it all started. As I turned the corner I saw my husband- I have never been filled with so much happiness. It's almost like tunnel vision, everything around you goes awat and all you see if the love of your life standing at the altar waiting for his soon to be wife. 

We ended the night with fireworks and a lot of dancing, The dress may have been filled with sand and our feet left sore from all the dancing, but we were left with memories to last a lifetime!"

Dress: Made With Love

Photographer: @liiphoto_