Brenda & Darren

02/06/20 EVENTS NEWS

Banff, AB


Novelle Bride Brenda's wedding day looked like an absolute dream, with so many stunning shots in the beautiful mountains. Here is her story: 

"Darren and I were friends growing up, but we lost touch after High School. One day our mutual friend who was Darren's best man, Jesse, came up to me and asked if I had talked to Darren recently? I replied no....Why do you ask? Jesse then implied that Darren was asking about me and that I should should text him. I told Jesse that if Darren wanted to talk to me then to text me. Very "mature". Little did I know he told the same story to Darren that I was asking about him and wanted him to text me. End of story, Darren and I are together because of the lies of Jesse. 

Jessica was absolutely amazing. I'm a very awkward person and she made me feel comfortable in the shop. The dress she found me was everything I wanted. It was different, a fit and flare and also had the lace I wanted. I can not say enough good things about Novelle Bridal. Compared to the other wedding shops it was my favorite experience. 

It must have rained every day for 3 weeks before our wedding. We planned the ceremony to be at Tunnel Mountain Reservoir with no back up plan for horrible weather. We were fortunate enough to have amazing weather that day! So our ceremony went off without a hitch. After the ceremony we drove to Lake Minnetonka to take a few shots. Everyone and their dog was in Banff that weekend so once we made it to the lake it was closed due to overpopulation. Our photographers were amazing and came up with a plan B. We headed to two Jack lake and took a few shots there instead. and luckily on our way back, Lake Minnetonka ended up opening up again. Darren and I were so spoiled that day with all the little photo shoots that our photographers did. Once we got to the reception area Darren and I were able to take in all the work we did for the wedding. From the arch to all the signs and the wedding cake that I made...we finally got to enjoy everything. Without all of the help from our friends and family that weekend, it would never have been as successful as it was. We are so blessed to have everyone in our lives. " 


Photography: Teller of Tales Photography

Florals: Brilliant Blooms

Bridesmaids: KF Bridal

Grooms Attire: Indochino

Locations: Tunnel Mountain and Banff Fenlands

Dress: WTOO by Watters