Brittani & Zach


Brittani came with hopes of finding a dress without having to settle. One that exudes elegance, is surprising, and most importantly, showcases her personality. We are so so happy that we were able to make her bridal dreams come true, and we're so excited to share her gorgeous big day with you all!


"Zach and I met just over 6 years ago at our mutual workplace. Surprisingly, the prospect of finding a spouse there is actually encouraged- and for us, it worked! I was working as much as I could while going to school full-time, and he was working full-time at the shop before going back to school himself. Although we worked at the same place, we rarely worked together as our schedules were very different. After bumping into each other numerous times however, Zach took me out on our first date and had dinner at a diner off Whyte Ave- the rest is history!

Fast forward 5 years, and we're engaged and planning a wedding! Of course, like every bride, I was eager to find the dress of my dreams! To be honest, I felt nervous going dress shopping. I was fearful that I would settle, but at the same time was excited to have this whole wedding planning thing feel real. I wanted something that was "me", something elegant, out of the ordinary and memorable. I didn't want just another white dress. I wanted something that surprised everyone, yet spoke to my personality at the same time. 

The first time I went to try on dresses at another boutique, I felt that I was trying dresses on to suit what my stylist wanted for me, and not what I wanted for myself. Although the dresses were beautiful, they didn't feel bridal and at the end of the day, they just weren't me. After this experience, one of my friends recommended Novelle to me, speaking highly of the experience that they were giving their brides- and this was nothing short of the truth. The whole experience from the first appointment to the day I picked up my dress left me feeling so excited again!! My stylist Julianna gave me back the bridal spark I had lost. Following my purchase, I also received a hand-written note from Novelle thanking me and sharing in the excitement of my big day approaching. The experience was flawless and something I will never forget. 

We got married in Edmonton on September 29, 2018. It was a beautiful yet chilly day in the city, but the leaves on the trees were the perfect array of colours. The ceremony was intimate yet humorous, as we had one of our friends marry us. It was the perfect blend of tears and laughter! We took family photos at the reception hall and then we were off to the river valley for our party pictures-they were so much fun! There, my new husband and I shared our written vows alone with our photographer. It was a magical moment I will never forget. Finally, our reception went as planned and all our friends and family danced the night away with us- the dance floor was never found empty! The day was a dream for both Zach and I and we're so grateful to have been able to share the day with our loved ones. 

I can't thank Novelle enough for giving me the magical "I found my dress" moment. I'm so glad to have found a local boutique for my big day! To all the brides looking for a bridal shop that cares about you, Novelle is the place!"




Venue: Scottish Society of Edmonton

Donuts: Ohana Donuts

Cake: Crave 

Hair: @wyde.eyed.creations

Makeup: @jasmeen_malhi

Photographer: Cheryl Brooks