Gabby and Ryan


Novelle Bride Gabby looked like an absolute bombshell in her Made With Love Mimi gown. After her beautiful wedding day in September this year on the first snowfall of the season, she had the pleasure of getting to wear her dress again for another photoshoot! We asked Gabby to share her story. 


"Ryan and I met through mutual friends. We were set up on a blind coffee date and I remember our first date like it was yesterday. Ryan rolled up in this massive, borderline obnoxiously huge, truck. I thought to myself "oh boy, what did I get myself into...?" I immediately knew he was different though, and when I jumped into what I found out was his work truck I was greeted by his dog! I thought to myself, OK is this man for real? Or does he just secretly know he can win me over with his oh-so-sweet yellow lab? A whole 3 dates later and Ryan asked if we could be official and exclusive, I'll never forget the first thing coming out of my mouth being "wow, I guess you must really like me!" It just so happened that I was right. 

Ryan proposed to me while we were on a family vacation in Mexico. Our proposal story is quite comical and one I'll always cherish and giggle about. It was our first day on the beach and we got up bright and early. My main concern was how cute can I look on the beach today to make Ryan fall that much more in love with me. Ryan called me a couple of times out on to our balcony over looking the ocean, and I would holler back "just a minute, I'm almost ready". Reality was it took me a solid 20 more minutes to get ready. I came out onto the balcony confused as to what all the rush was about, and next thing I know Ryan is getting down on one knee. I felt like I was in a dream, is this really happening I thought to myself?? Did I really just blow him off for 20 minutes while I put my eyebrows on?! I said YES and then began to cry, happy tears of course. Ryan and I alongside my family spent the rest of the week in Mexico celebrating our engagement, and began brainstorming ideas for our future wedding. 

On the top of my priority list for our wedding was to find the most perfect dress that made me feel beautiful and one that I would wow Ryan in. I had searched for a dress at another local boutique in Edmonton and was the furthest thing from wowed. Having such an unfortunate experience left me feeling pretty bummed. My mom suggested we go to Novelle, as the search was not over, and she had only ever heard great things. We arrived to my appointment at Novelle and I have to say both myself and my Mom were impressed the second we walked into the store. We were greeted immediately and the store had such a warm, intimate presence. We met with our consultant and discussed what I was looking for in a dress. The appointment from beginning to end was nothing short of amazing. We were floored by the amount of beautiful dresses in the showroom, but we were assured to not feel overwhelmed that we would find the perfect one. After having tried on a couple of beautiful dresses, I found myself really drawn to the Made With Love bridal collection. My consultant showed me a couple and after trying on a few I knew we were almost there but something was missing. Our consultant then had a wild idea and showed me a dress online, the Mimi by Made with Love. It was a beautiful sheer leg dress, with a cape sleeve. The second I saw the pictures of this dress I knew it was the one. The dress was not available in store for me to try on, but with the reassurance from my consultant I knew that it had to be my dress. So yep, I'm the bride that purchased her wedging dress without evening having tried it on, and I am SO thankful that I did. 

Fast waaaay forward and here we are September 22, 2018. Our day was so perfect and everything I ever could have dreamed of. Our fall wedding was met with snow and I can't believe how magical it all was, it's true that everything happens for a reason. I'll always remember locking eyes with Ryan as I walked down the aisle and feeling so much love and excitement. Saying I wowed Ryan with my dress would be an understatement. I can't thank Novelle enough for being a part of such a special moment. I can now say I am married to he man of my dreams and am so excited to create the amazing adventure of a life with my love.

Ryan and I just a short month after our wedding were asked to be a part of a styled shoot for another local photographer. I just couldn't pass up being part of a local project and having the opportunity to wear my Mimi again. We're so very happy with how both sets of images capture our love, and I couldn't be happier and more excited to have two sets of photos in my dress."

Wedding Day Vendors:

Photographer: Pounamu Photography

Makeup: Allure by Chelsea

Hair: The Hair Lounge

Dress: Made With Love

Bridesmaids: Eliza and Ethan


Styled Shoot Vendors: 

Photographer: Kailey Humen Photography

Hair & Makeup: Herself and Hair by GP

Florals: Lou & May Floral