Jillian & Kole


We cannot get enough of Novelle bride Jill's big day! She has such a contagious energy, and we love how her day was filled with fun, excitement and dancing for all her guests. She knew she was going to be dancing the night away, so we're so happy she found a dress that showed off her personality, and was actually comfortable! We asked her to share her love story (the proposal is so cute!!) and how she found her dream gown with us. 


"Kole and I actually grew up in the same small town, Macklin, Saskatchewan, but he is six years older than me , so he was always just that hot guy in high school to me when I was younger...until I met him at a bar here in Edmonton six and a half years ago. He asked me to dance, and a few months later we started dating. Nearly a year ago Kole asked me to marry him in the absolute sweetest way imaginable. Part of my proposal surprise was that he had a friend record the entire thing! Shown here:


My wedding dress shopping experience at Novelle was just so wonderful. First of all, the store makes you feel like you're in a magical bridal fairy tale. And the staff make you feel like a close friend the entire time. One thing I loved was that there was a beautiful room for me and all of my crew to hang out while I tried on dress after dress until I found the one! I know everyone was comfortable and had fun! The staff even let my guests walk around and help me pick out dresses, in fact, my bridesmaid Pam is the one who chose my dress for me- she just said " I don't know what this one would be like because of the see-through lace, but I really want you to try it!" I don't think either of us imagined it would be the one I'd pick for my wedding day, but it was beyond perfect for me. 

On my wedding day, not only was it the best day of my life (I had a giant perma-smile on my face from start to finish) but EVERYONE complimented me on my dress - which I realize always happens to brides at wedding, but so many people kept saying " that dress is just so YOU", which I personally think is the best possible compliment. My photographer was in love with it too, which I feel is also a top notch compliment since they see so many wedding dresses all year long.

My dress was perfect for me because I was so comfortable in it. I felt so romantic and ME in it, and I was able to dance like a rockstar alllll night long! I didn't hit the sheets until 6:30am, so I truly mean all night! We even started our dance off with a flash mob, where everyone got on the dance floor and followed the moves displayed on the screen. It was one of the best moments of the whole day seeing everyone we love dancing to the beat with us! We followed this with an amazing band, the Barkells from Edmonton, who opened their first set with Backstreet Boys!" 

Thank you so much Jill for sharing your story and congratulations to you both! 

Photographer: Meghan Doering

Hair: Kaj with Filament Hair

Makeup: The Beauty Depth