Jordan & Jordan

02/10/21 EVENTS NEWS

"My husband Jordan and I (Jordan) met at a rodeo dance in my hometown. Both of us did not live there, I was actually volunteering for my Aunt and Uncle as they manage the Rodeo Grounds up in Harmon Valley, AB. Jordan was entered in the Steer Wrestling the next day and showed up for the dance- Harmon Valley always has great bands and rodeo dances! Jordan finally asked me to dance after both of his friends already took me for a spin. We then realized we had the same names (which is really fun by the way!). We danced, we played guitar and he boosted me up on his horse- pretty much a fairytale story! And he ended up winning the steer wrestling the next day. I like to say I was his lucky charm! The rest is history!


We have been together for just over three years. Our first year and a half was through long distance as I was in school for Acupuncture and he lived in Drayton Valley. We bought a house when I was finished with my schooling and as we were moving in he was waiting in the backyard with our pup, Rio, down on one knee and asked me to marry him! 

As we obviously did not expected to have a wedding through something like COVID, thankfully I was able to have the BEST experience dress shopping prior to all of it! I had my two sisters, my best friend and my mother there for it all. After trying on numerous dresses that I thought were going to the right one, but just had something Mom asked if she could go looking through and brought back a dress that I DID NOT expect I would fall in love with. And that is the dress I bought! Stunning, classy, but very simple all in one. To this day, I still believe that it was the perfect dress not only for myself but for our wedding and the style of everything- it fit so perfectly well into it all! 

As for our wedding, like I said planning a wedding through COVID was a challenge in itself. A lot of changes had to happen, but we were strong in believing we would do anything for our wedding to carry on either way. All in all, it ended up being perfect. We had cut down our guest list to the maximum allowed. We had the proper precautions in place with customized labelled hand sanitizer everywhere for each guest etc. 

My husband and I decided to have a first look. Which in all honesty, was our favourite part. It was intimate, and very personal, as we wrote our personal vows and read them to each other while our close family and friends watched from a distance. The ceremony was outdoors in my family's wheat field, with a handmade gazebo made from a grain bin and the weather was amazing! Our horses were involved, and our amazing family and friends were there to witness the next step in our lives together. We had our very close friends marry us (she took the course online) which was also an amazingly job well done. We left their words and the whole ceremony details up to them so it was a surprise for our wedding day- also a favourite part as they got us to say each others parents' vows from their wedding days- extremely special and touching moments for everyone! 

The reception followed in rented tents at my parent's residence, with amazing speeches, a live band and a fire outside. And again, the rest is history! 

We could no be happier with our big day, those who showed up and supported us despite the circumstances- it was a day we will always remember and if we did it all again, we would do it exactly the same!



Photographer: BRZPhotography

Decor: Little Farmhouse Rentals

Bouquets: Bride's mother.

Dress: Mikaella

Veil: Toni Federici