Kelsey & Adam

11/08/19 NEWS

Canmore, Alberta

 Novelle Bride Kelsey's experience shopping is one we hear about a lot! So many brides come in with a vision of what they think they want, but then a surprise dress is everything they didn't know they needed! Kelsey looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day in her perfect dress, and we cannot wait to share her story:


"I really wish I could say that Adam and I have this epic, whirlwind love story....we don't. We were two small town kids, whose families were friends, so we always knew of each other. It wasn't until a few years after high school when Adam made the first move. We were both living in different cities when he reached out. I have to admit, in the beginning I was not all. I knew him from home as being a bit of a troublemaker, if you will. He asked me out a few times as I continued to decline. But his persistence impressed me and I finally agreed to our first date. From there, the rest is basically history. 

I will not say that our love story over the last 5 years was easy, as we were young when we started dating. I was still attending University for a degree in nursing and Adam was just starting his career as a it was not uncommon for us to go week, months and entire summers without seeing each other. But through all of the changing times, miles apart, uncertain futures, and learning to follow our own dreams..our love continued to travel the distance as we managed to grow up and continued to grow together in this crazy life. 

It was not until his last big trip to Antarctica that would put 8406 miles between us for a span of 3 months (our longest time apart to date) when Adam got in contact with a local jewelry store shortly after he left. He completely custom made and designed my engagement ring, which I cannot imagine was easy to do being so far away, but it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

We had planned a vacation to Cuba for when he finally got home after all of those missed months. After an amazing day filled with a couples massage, relaxing on the white sandy beach, and sipping mimosas, we went on an evening walk on the beach with the hopes of capturing some sunset pictures on the GoPro. It was in that moment that Adam got down on one knee! So...on a beautiful beach in Cuba, under the setting sun, I said "  YESSS" to my very best friend. 

Finding the right dress was difficult for me. I had always had this picture in my mind of what I thought I wanted in a wedding dress. I wanted an ivory lace, modern fit-and-flare with LOTS of beading. I had tried on close to 40 dresses in multiple stores, and before coming to Novelle Bridal, I had actually tried on the wedding dress I ended up choosing for my wedding day. It was the 6th dress I  tried on and I grabbed it off the rack 'just for fun'. I didn't quite know what I thought of it when I tried it on though and left the store empty handed. 

But I could not strop thinking about this dress. I thought about it walking down the aisle. I thought about the beautiful pictures. I thought about what Adam would think. But something was holding me back...I could not let go of the image of the dress I thought I wanted. I had tried on another dress in a second store and it was exactly what I pictured myself getting married in all of these years. I LOVED it. However, again...I could not say yes to this dress either. I just couldn't see myself walking down the aisle towards Adam.

Novelle Bridal was the third and final store I visited in the search for the perfect dress with my Mom, sister and my sister-in-law. We were greeted by Meghan who was absolutely AMAZING to work with. She was so sweet and kind. To my luck, the store had BOTH of the dresses I could not get my mind off of and Meghan continued to show me dresses in similar styles but I still kept coming back to those two dresses. I felt so bad as I made poor Meghan, who was expecting at the time, change me out of each of the final dresses probably 6 times each. I was so indecisive. I remember saying, "I just can't want this dress. It's nothing I pictured." Meghan definitely sensed that I was having a hard time getting over the picture I had in my head and shared her own story of her bridal experience. She said she wanted a fitted dress as well but decided on a blush princess dress. nothing she ever thought she wanted to want either. 

Finally, she put me back in the 6th dress I had been daydreaming about since my visit to the first bridal store and it really was perfect. It was exactly what I did not know I needed. The detailed beaded bodice, the natural waist, the buttons down the back, and the colour. This Allure gown was so PERFECT. It really was stunning! Most importantly, this dress was me! After Meghan added to the dress with a veil and jewelry, I finally said the best yes ever!

Finding the perfect venue was definitely not as hard as finding the perfect dress. Adam and I have always been an adventurous couple. We love to travel and explore, but one of our favourite places that we frequent often has always been the mountains. We often spend a big part of our winter in the mountains snowboarding (we even spent the day before our wedding snowboarding with our bridal party) so a wedding away in the Rockies seemed like the perfect place for us to say I do. 

On March 2, 2019, Adam and I got married in front of our closest friends and family in the heart of Canmore at the Cornerstone Theatre. Our wedding day was beyond perfect and beautiful. It was AMAZING and so much more than I ever could have imagined. I can definitely say it was my dream wedding and the best day of my life. 

Although our wedding day was everything I ever hoped it would be. I was given the greatest gift of my life....more than I ever could have asked for...a love that is deep, a very best friend, and a man who gives me the best of himself every day. I will always look back on this day and feel nothing but completely blessed for the love I have found."


Dress: Allure

Bridal Jewelry: Lovebird

Rings:Wainwright Jewelers

Photographer: TKShotz Photography

Videographer: Narra Studios

Venue: Cornerstone Theatre, Canmore

Planner: Joanne Richardson

Hair and Makeup: The Loft Hair and Beauty Lounge

Cake: Kake by Darci

Florals: Willow Flower Co. 

Officiant: Marion Kutzer

Suits: Le Chateau

Accommodations: Blackstone Mountain Lodge

Limusine: Alpine Limousine and Tours