Megan & Danyil

11/27/17 EVENTS NEWS

Megan and Danyil met through a mutual friend during their time at university! The two would sit in class together and then walk to the train together. We asked Megan to tell us about her relationship with Danyil and all of the moments leading up to their wedding day!

Danyil wasn’t like any other guy I have met… he was very steady in who he was and displayed a quiet, humble confidence that I really admired. I felt very safe around him, and he helped me feel comfortable in my own skin. I actually started to understand what it felt like to be myself again, as I spent so much time before trying to shape myself into who I thought I should be based on societal expectations. He allowed me to breathe again. He helped shape my world and find myself through very challenging times, never leaving my side throughout it all. He will always be my rock.

Shopping for the dress was a whirlwind. I had set in my mind what I wanted, but I couldn’t find it at the first dress store I went to. I settled for a very pretty dress at this store, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to find what I wanted, but had hesitations after I gave them my down payment… whoops. It was a very nice dress, but it didn’t really feel like “me.” My friends and family assured me that I made the right decision, but I couldn’t get that feeling of uncertainty out of my gut. A few months after I ordered this first dress, I spontaneously called Novelle (nobody knew I was doing this) and booked an appointment just to see if I could either find something better, or ease my mind about my previous decision. As I walked in, I saw what I always envisioned in my head. It was very soft, flowy, and natural (if that makes any sense). I called my mom who came right over to the store, and I tried on the dress. It was perfect. It was exactly what I pictured in my head. Without hesitation, we bought this dress and were able to sell the old one I previously purchased.

On the big day, the first look was a pretty special moment. It was nice to have some quiet time with just Danyil and myself before we underwent the craziness of the wedding day. I have to say that marrying him was pretty great too. The ceremony was short and sweet… exactly what we both wanted. It was perfect. 

Danyil and I really wanted to have an intimate gathering of our closest family and friends. We were very intentional with our choices, and wanted everything to have meaning and just feel very natural. Nothing that humans create can compete with what exists in the natural world. We decided to get married outside on my family’s acreage on the 9th anniversary of my grandfather’s passing (July 15th) so I could feel like he was a part of the day. Our father’s hand-built all of the tables for the wedding out of old construction lumber that was left over from building my parents’ house. They are absolutely gorgeous. The flowers were beautiful and everything came together so well. It was perfect.

Photography: Emily Schutz
Megan's Gown: Vertigo jacket by Rosa Clara, Slip by Sarah Janks
Flowers: FaBLOOMosity  
Makeup: Blushed Beaute
Cake: The Art of Cake
Linens & Decor: Special Events Rentals 
Chairs: All West Wedding Rentals