Rebecca & Joseph

08/28/20 EVENTS NEWS

Lloydminster, AB


Novelle bride Rebecca's love story sounds like it's something from a movie! We can't wait for you to enjoy her Real Bride experience. 

"Our love store is a bit unique. My Mom played matchmaker while singing at a wedding in a small town. When it was time for her to leave, she realized she had a flat tire. She noticed a group of young men near by and went over and asked for their help. Joe and a couple of others went over and helped her. She started talking to Joe and being her outgoing self said, "You're cute! I have a single daughter." She showed him my picture and sent me his. We went on a date the following weekend and 7 years later we finally got married! I am very thankful for having a mother with such great taste! Not everyone can say that their Mom set them up. 

Joe proposed on Mother's Day weekend 2018. He knows how important family is to me and wanted to include them for the proposal. He told my family a couple of days before, so everyone was in on the secret...except for me of course! They all did a great job hiding it, as I had no idea what was going to happen. His parents came down from B.C. that weekend. I thought they were just coming for a visit, but it turns out they also knew all along!

After dinner that evening, my sisters took me for a walk around my parent's place. They were coming up with any excuse to make the walk longer. I kept telling them I need to hurry back because I wanted to spend time with Joe's parents before they left the next day. When we finally got back to the yard, I could see Joe standing with his suit on holding a rose and beautiful music was playing. I knew then that he was going to propose! Of course I said, YES! And the moment was captured on video. 

I went dress shopping the following September. I couldn't wait! It is funny because I was the last of four girls to get married. My sister, Sarah, got married in 2017, Rachel in 2018 and me in 2019. I knew a thing or two about wedding planning and dress shopping by the time it was my turn. We went dress shopping the same weekend 3 years in a row. I knew I wanted to get my dress from Novelle as my twin sister got hers from there as well. I loved the atmosphere and the ladies were all very helpful and welcoming. I knew I wanted a form fitting dress because I wanted to look different than my twin sister who had just gotten married. I tried on about 25 dresses! I fell in love with this one when I noticed the detail on the back. I am looking for any excuse to wear the dress again! 

Joe and I got married in my hometown, Lloydminster. We had 250 guests attend as we both have very large families. It was a beautiful but windy day. I am thankful I went with a long veil as the wind made for some beautiful pictures. My Mom, Aunts and Uncles sang beautiful music during the reception. I am thankful for the photos and videos we have to remember our special day! I wonder if anyone played matchmaker at our wedding?! 


Photographer: Meghan Doering

Hair: Shelby Rozka at Luxx Salon

Make up: Mckenzy Hunter

Flowers: Abby Road Flower and Gifts

Suits: RW & CO. 

Dress: Allure Bridals

Shoes: Rachel Simpson

Veil: Toni Federici

Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Collection