Taylor & Zach


Novelle Bride Taylor said yes to her dream guy after the most romantic, surprise proposal in the spot where they had their first kiss. So romantic! We asked Taylor to share her love story. 


" Zach and I first met in Junior High School. We had one class together but didn't speak much to each other. I remember having a little crush on him back then but  I was too shy to talk to him. Time went on and we went to different high schools. A few years later, we met again through mutual friends and started chatting and seeing each other more and more. He asked me to go to his work Christmas party and I instantly said yes! Not long after that he asked me to be his girlfriend. 

We got engaged in 2016 when he proposed to me on Valentines day. At that time I started getting into photography and he convinced me that it would be fun to go to the Fort Edmonton footbridge where we had our first kiss to have couples photos taken. I thought nothing of it, because we were using my camera and planned on taking pictures of my sister and her husband at the same time. My sister started taking pictures of Zach and I and he pulled out a bag of rose petals. He told me to start spreading them around for the picture as it would look nice and I put my hand in the bag and spread some around. The second time I reached my hand in I felt a box....Zach then got down on one knee and proposed! We now have photos and a video of the entire thing, which I thought was a nice thing to look back on!

I was so excited to start dress shopping! The first place I wanted to go to was Novelle as my sister bought her dress there and it was beautiful! The first day of wedding dress shopping I knew I found the one. It wasn't what I was expecting to buy. I had my mind set on another dress but I didn't end up liking how it looked on me but as soon as I tried my wedding dress on I fell in love with it. It felt romantic and whimsical, and it was really comfortable. I fell in love with the layers on the skirt and the fit of the bodice. Since it was day one of wedding dress shopping I didn't say yes right away and I went to a few other stores, but knew I would be back to Novelle. Nothing compared to it. When I tried it on again I knew I had to have it! It just felt like it was made for me. 

Our wedding day was July 21st , 2018. We had our ceremony in St Matthias Anglican Church and our reception at the Southwood Community League. I loved the wooden beams on the ceiling of the hall as it had a rustic, charming feel to it. We had such a blast! Our caterer was the The Secret Kitchen and they did an amazing job!  The music was  also fantastic! We went with Revolution DJ and ordered the sound tech package which allowed us to make our own playlist, and they were great at sticking to it. Everyone danced the whole night. We also could not have asked for a better photographer. The did such a great job! We love our photos and they were so helpful on the wedding day. We had photos taken outside at a beautiful tree line near my parents house, and then we went to The Foundry Room for the rest. All in all, our wedding day was everything I could have hoped for! "


Photography: First Glance Studios

Rentals: All West Rentals & Lasting Love Wedding and Events

Food: The Secret Kitchen and Fuss Cupcakes

Music: Revolution DJ

Hair: My mother

Makeup: Belle Beauty Artistry