Joanna's Big Day: Finding the Dress

03/09/16 EVENTS NEWS

Ok, so I know last time I said the day we got engaged was the best day of my life, but dress shopping is definitely a close second. Even though I am surrounded by beautiful brides trying on beautiful dresses every day, I was still nervous for my appointment. Not to be dramatic, but working at the most beautiful bridal shop for over two years, and resisting trying on wedding dresses until I was actually engaged, was torture. That being said, deep down I knew I wanted to wait until I had the ring, and my closest friends and family by my side. Prior to my consultation I had gone through the store and picked all my favourite dresses that I wanted to try on, knowing I was fairly confident I wanted an A-line silhouette. I added a few different styles to my list just to try on, since working in the industry I know that sometimes what we think we want, isn’t always what we end up liking.

 The day I said yes to the dress!

I went to the appointment with my hair and makeup done similar to how I thought I would do them at our wedding so I could really get the whole look. After the shock of FINALLY putting on a wedding dress, I was ready to roll. The more I tried on, the more I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like. It eventually came down to two dresses, and once I tried them both back on with veils, I instantly knew which dress was mine. As cheesy as it is, it totally came down to the feeling I got in the dress. When I closed my eyes and imagined my fiancé waiting for me at the end of the aisle, with my dad by my side, I could only imagine myself in one dress, THE dress.

Where I'm at now:

Since my last blog we have booked a lot of vendors for our wedding. Photographer, check. Flowers, check. Makeup and hair, check. The other big thing I was worried about booking was a ceremony space. Since my fiancé really wanted to get married outside we had to find a ceremony space that had a back-up indoor space, just in case. A friend recommended the Devonian Gardens, so I went to check out the space and immediately fell in love. We also just did our engagement photos this past weekend! At first we weren’t even sure if we wanted to do them, but since they were part of our photography package we figured we might as well. The session only ended up being about an hour and we are so glad we did them. Our photographer was so amazing and made us feel totally comfortable the entire time. At the end of the day, we only get to experience this whole process once, so why not go all out?!


Engagement photos by Kristilee Parish

After going through the entire bridal consultation process myself, I still fully stand behind the advice I give to any bride coming into Novelle:

  • Keep an open mind! I can’t even begin to tell you how often brides come in absolutely set on one specific style, and end up getting the exact opposite. It’s ok to do some research before going to your appointment, but be willing to try on dresses you wouldn’t expect to like.
  • Trust your consultant! We do this for a profession, and we take it very seriously. When we say this dress looks one thousand times better on a body then on a hanger, we mean it.
  • Stay true to yourself! I know how hard it can be when your family/friends love a different dress than what you do, but at the end of the day it is your decision. They are there to support you know matter which dress you choose.

Thank-you for reading! Stay tuned for more updates!