Get to know Ivy & Aster! Part 1

05/13/16 EVENTS NEWS

Recently we had the pleasure to chat to the designer behind Ivy & Aster - the wonderful Jessica Brown.

Ivy & Aster Cover

Our Novelle Bridal girls absolutely adore Ivy & Aster - how did the name come about?

I really wanted to create a brand with an identity not from a person but from a story- something that could resonate with every bride. Ivy & Aster was the story we created to share with customers to express that they can choose their own personality on their wedding day, not a 'designer' that dictates what to wear and what is in or out. In coming up with the actual name I was really focused on botanicals. Ivy as a plant, represents marriage and a strong bond of love. Aster, the flower for my birthday month, is a symbol of love, peace and enchantment. What could be better for a new bridal brand than Ivy & Aster?

How would you describe the Ivy & Aster bride?

The Ivy & Aster bride can be a range of girls but she is definitely one part free spirit, one part whimsical, she marches to her own beat and loves to personalize her clothing to represent how she feels. She is confident and romantic, boho and vintage all at the same time. She loves everything DIY and will likely be adding many of her personal touches to her wedding. She is so excited about her wedding day and just wants to look like her best self.

Ivy & Aster exudes ethereal elegance - what inspires you when designing your gowns?

Real brides inspire me when I see the beauty of their moment on their wedding day. For the actual design process I'd have to say the fabrics. There is nothing better than a flowing silk chiffon really give that ethereal feel. I hand select every fabric, lace or embroidery that goes into the collection. I also worked in vintage clothing restoration for many years and that definitely comes out while designing.

Not only do you create effortlessly feminine and timeless dresses that look like they’ve stepped right from the pages of a fairytale, you also create unique pieces to complete the look. What are your top 3 styling tips for our brides on their big day?

We love a fairytale ending! After all that is how you should feel on your wedding day! I think that once a bride selects her dress and decides how she wants to look on her special day she should focus on the details next. Hairstyle is very important and how it is worn with a beautiful hair accessory, or a really special shoe that speaks to her personality. Its being able to change up your look with an amazing sash or capelet you can wear and take off later. It is really a line that allows you to put your own personal
stamp on it, not one that says you must wear your hair in a bun with a high heeled pointy toe shoe- some dresses dictate that, we hope our say 'make me yours, its Ok to wear what you want'

Ivy & Aster

In Part 2 of Getting to know Ivy & Aster, we will be sharing with you Jessica's favorite bridal trends and some of Novelle's top picks by this romantic and whimsical bridal line. Stay tuned!