Get to know Ivy & Aster! Part 2

06/07/16 EVENTS NEWS


We recently swooned over your Spring 2017 collection at New York bridal week- what can our brides expect from ‘A Moment in Time’?

We really wanted this to feel like the excitement of our first collection. It was inspired by vintage and heirloom elements such as embroidery and lace and how we could interpret them for the modern day bride. We want every bride to have her moment in time and for it to be timeless and I think revisiting vintage and hand made elements really speaks to something being forever chic.

To view the Spring 2017 collection: "A Moment in Time" 

Bridal styles are constantly evolving- what is your favourite trend that you are seeing this season?

I love that everyone continues to give an alternative to the strapless A-line we were seeing for so long. A pretty sleeve that is short or long. I like a pretty sexy back but I believe you can take it too far, it is a wedding after all! A pretty back gets viewed a lot at a wedding, it should be interesting!

Do you have a favourite Ivy & Aster gown?

Hard question! It comes and goes, but last season it was Argonne. I loved her look. This season I'm in love with Clementine she is just the right amount of demure and sexy and your grandma will be OK with it! I also love our two piece looks with Hazel and Georgia combo being so chic and so of the moment for current fashions.

What advice would you give to our brides-to-be who are shopping for their dream wedding dress?

If you shop for your everyday clothing by yourself, that is how you should shop for your dress. It is OK to bring one or two people who really know your style or are a part of the decision making process. Too many opinions and the bride can lose sight of her vision trying to please everyone. I also think you should not 'over try' meaning try on too many dresses. You will only be confused in the end. Trust your bridal stylist at the store for her advice on the type of gown you should choose based on the setting of your wedding and your body type etc. But in the end YOU need to love it, and you will feel amazing when you wear it on your wedding day. Also keep in mind too many pictures of you trying on dresses can lead to confusion because the sample is never going to fit you like your dress tailored to your body.

Novelle’s Favourite Picks

Now that you’ve got to know the designer, we wanted to share with you some of our in store favourites from Ivy & Aster. First is the GORGEOUS Secret Garden. We absolutely adore this unique twist on the soft A-Line with its beautiful mix of Boho style and old world romance - perfect for the fun and flirty bride! With those delicate floral appliques and flowing tulle, we picture this in a rustic outdoor setting where the bride can truly be a woodland fairytale princess.

Secret Garden

ivy-and-aster-secret-garden-front ivy-and-aster-secret-garden-back

Another favourite is the exquisite Southern Nights. As soon as you put this dress on it’s hard not to fall completely head over heels in LOVE with it. The incredibly soft and luxurious fabric gives you that magical feeling that anything is possible …that this is the start of a lifetime of adventures.

Southern Nights

Finally, we can’t leave you without featuring the Buttercup capelet. This is perfect for the bride who may not want to wear a veil but wants a soft finish to complete her look walking down the aisle, or even to wear as a cover up later in the evening! It’s a gorgeous way to create a unique and modern feel that you can play around with throughout the day.

Buttercup Caplet


We look forward to meeting all of our future Ivy & Aster Novelle Brides to be!

A special thanks to Jessica Brown for answering all of our questions- we cannot wait to see what’s next from Ivy & Aster.