How to Safely Store your Dress

10/15/20 EVENTS NEWS

With lots of brides having to store their wedding dresses longer than initially expected, we wanted to give you a guide on what is the best way to safely store your dress to keep it looking fabulous for your big day!


1. Hang your dress in the breathable fabric garment bag provided . Please don't wrap it in plastic as that can cause discolouration of the gown. We also suggest that you only fold the gown to easily carry it in the garment bag and aim to store it hanging straight or laying flat on the ground. 

2. Store out of direct sunlight and away from pets and children in a temperature controlled area such as a closet. Avoid attics and unfinished basements if possible.

3. Please make sure your dress is hanging on the sewn in ribbon loops and not the dress' straps if it has them. This ensures that the weight of the dress doesn't cause your straps to stretch over time and it is fully supported. 

4. If you do decide to take your dress out please remember to put your finger behind the zipper when you open and close the bag to avoid it catching the fabric. However as tempting as it is please try and refrain from trying it on and touching it too much as the oils on our skin can potentially damage the fabric over time. 


We hope this helps! We can't wait for all of you beautiful brides to walk down the aisle in your gorgeous gowns.