Sample Sale FAQ


It's that time of year again ladies, and this time it's bigger and better!! Join us on Sunday February 17th, 12 - 4pm for our Designer SAMPLE SALE with some AMAZING discounts. It can be a very fast paced environment however so make it as fun and successful for you as possible, we've put together an FAQ.

What is a sample sale? 

A sample sale is when a store sells their floor pieces (previously tried on by brides) for a significantly discounted price, for that one day only.These events are amazing for finding a great deal that you wouldn't get normally! It is also perfect for those brides with a short timeline who may not be able to get a made to order gown.

It's my first time shopping, is this a good time to shop for me? 

We don't recommend a Sample Sale to be your first time shopping. It's a very fast paced environment and you don't get a lot of time to try on dresses. We recommend knowing exactly the style/silhouette of dress that you like before the event, so you don't miss out on your dream dress. We would still love for you to come by on another day though for a full consultation with one of our consultants to help you find the one. 

What sizes are the dresses? 

All of our bridal gowns are typically size 10 or 12, and they tend to fit smaller than street sizing. Our Berta couture gowns are sized slightly smaller at about a size 6-8. There will be a couple of exceptions. 

Will plus sized gowns be included in the sale? 

This year unfortunately there will be no plus sized gowns included in the sale. 

Do I need to book an appointment? 

We won't be taking any appointments this day, it will be first come first served! 

If I know what dress I'd like, can I reserve it? 

For this event we won't be allowing any holds on the dresses. If you have an exact dress that you would like, we recommend coming first thing so you don't miss out on it! 

Can I bring guests? 

Due to the volume of people that come to these events, we recommend bringing a maximum of two guests only. 

If I'm not sure, can I come back another day to get the dress at the same price?

Unfortunately not. We have slashed prices for an amazing deal that is only valid for that day only. We recommend coming ready to SAY YES and make a fast decision. 

If I don't want to buy the sample, can I order it new? 

It totally depends on the dress, but mostly yes! We will have a lot of discontinued samples included in the sale, which means the designer no longer makes that style. However, if it is still available we would be more than happy to help you order your dream gown. 

Is it just bridal gowns that will be included in the sale? 

No! We will have a selection of bridesmaid dresses available for only $50 each, and accessories will be 50% off! 


Did we miss something? Feel free to call the store on 780 761 0888 or email your questions to 

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SAVE THE DATE: Sunday February 17th, 12- 4pm