A day in the life of a Novelle Bridal Consultant

11/08/17 EVENTS NEWS

Preparing for a day of bridal consultations is different for each of us. Jessica has “Say Yes to the Dress” is playing in the background as she readies for the morning. Shannon will tell you she needs a lot of coffee to start the day. Arriving to work with a Starbucks in hand is not uncommon for any of us. In fact, we’re likely to do a coffee run (or Duchess run) by lunchtime. Duchess is right down the street… you would do it, too.

One thing most people don’t realize is that at Novelle Bridal Shop, bridal consultants don’t JUST consult. When Julianna started working at Novelle, she was happily surprised to find out that she would also be a part of the receiving process. Between consultations, we unpack boxes of new products and bridal gowns – giving us a close-up glorious first look at the latest samples as we steam them straight.

Another amazing thing about our job is that we get to help pick new samples and designers for the store. Working one-on-one with Edmonton brides provides good insight into what you ladies want to see in the store! That sort of information helps our management team decide which dresses to make available for trying on.

We are in constant communication with our designers, discussing different possibilities and tiny details. Jessica recently helped a bride create a near custom gown. She worked closely with the bride, our seamstress Melody, and the designer to really bring the bride’s vision to life. When Jessica talks about this memorable experience, she says that, “finding your dream bridal gown can take a bit of imagination, and it’s so great to be a part of that creative process!”

Consultations are the primary part of the job, which is fine by us! We are all romantics at heart, which makes hearing your love story and getting to know you and your bridal party on a more personal level a joyful part of the day. We'd be lying if we told you that we've never teared up in an appointment before.

Every new bride poses an exciting opportunity for us. It is so fun helping brides find a gown where they feel their most beautiful and confident.  Diana recognizes when a bride has found “the one” when the bride can’t stop staring at herself while wearing it. One thing that we want to share with our brides is that there doesn’t need to be an overwhelming emotional moment when you find the right dress. As we all would say “if you can picture yourself walking down the aisle, that’s when you’ve found the perfect dress!”

And now, the question you’re all really wondering about… Do we try on the dresses? Of course! If there’s a minute to spare and there’s an exciting new gown on hand, you better believe we are trying it on. And did you know, we model our dresses for our social media too! It really can't get better than that!

Jessica & Vivienne modeling for our Instagram posts

Being a Novelle bridal consultant is so fabulous in so many different ways. Feeling love and joy every single day might as well be in the job description. The best part about being a Novelle consultant is that you’re involved in every step. It’s so rewarding to be able to follow a process from selecting new styles off the runway to seeing our brides wearing them beautifully on their big day.

Get to know us more by checking out Novelle’s consultant profiles or better yet, book a consultation with us today!